• 1. Quotes are valid for 15 days.
  • 2. Additional costs will be negotiated if the following has not been disclosed to us at the time of compiling your quote:
  • 2.1. Premises above second floor
  • 2.2. Loading more than 25 meters from front door
  • 2.3. Exceptionally large, heavy or unusually shaped items (e.g sleeper wood furniture or piano)


  • 1. Please be as thorough as possible when compiling your inventory list
  • 2. Changes to the inventory list need to be communicated to us in order to ensure the correct staff and vehicle is reserved for your move
  • 3. Changes to your inventory may have a direct impact on the quote supplied to you.
  • 4. All items are assumed to be of a nature that 2 loaders are able to carry and load. If not, please advise in good time.
  • 5. Please note that the size of our trucks are 4.8m in length and 2.2m in height.


  • 1. Please ensure that boxes are not overloaded – 1 loader should be able to lift and carry
  • 2. Please ensure boxes containing fragile items are marked clearly and packed and placed upright
  • 3. Please ensure that ALL small valuable and personal items are removed by yourselves or are packed in sealed boxes and always in your possession.
  • 4. While do our utmost to protect your items from being soiled, we highly recommend that light-coloured fabric items are wrapped in plastic, which can be arranged prior to the move, to avoid dust transfer from other items


  • 1. Please note that it is your responsibility to inform us if trucks/trailers are not permitted to enter your complex and to confirm any height/weight restrictions at either premises
  • 2. Please ensure that there is suitable parking space for our vehicles (6.5m to 8.5m)
  • 3. Please ensure that low hanging branches that could damage our vehicles and that could restrict our access to your property are removed


  • 1. While we do our utmost to ensure a punctual arrival, the estimated time of arrival may vary as dependent on factors such as traffic, weather and cooperation of other customers who may be moved prior to you. Your patience is highly favoured
  • 2. Please ensure that we are able to contact you if we require directions while en-route


  • 1. Please note that our team is not able to assist with the disconnecting or reconnecting of electrical or plumbed appliances, neither are we able to assist with the dismantling and assembling of furniture.
  • 2. Please ensure that exceptionally large or heavy pots have been emptied of soil and plants where possible.
  • 3. Please ensure that all items are removed from fridge’s, freezers and drawers of furniture.
  • 4. Please note that it is your responsibility to inspect both premises prior to our departure to ensure no items have stayed behind.
  • 5. You have the right to check our vehicle/s prior to our departure to ensure all items have been offloaded.
  • 6. You are required to body search our employees and search the truck before they depart your premises as loss or theft claims will not be entertained thereafter.


  • 1. Please contact us prior to making your deposit to ensure your chosen date is still available
  • 2. Deposit: 50% to be paid in order to accept the quotation and secure the date of your move
  • 3. Please note: Your move will not be confirmed until the deposit is received
  • 4. Balance: 50% to be paid before the truck departs to the collection address. EFT ONLY
  • 5. We regret we do not accept Cheques or Cheque Deposits.


  • 1. For moves booked to take place between the 28th and the 2nd of any given month, cancellations need to be made at least 5 DAYS prior to the move.
  • 2. For moves booked to take place during the remaining dates of the month, cancellations need to be made at least 2 DAYS prior to the move.
  • 3. Cancellations made in less time than stipulated forfeit the deposit.


  • 1. Pretoria Movers insurance covers up to R80,000 for your property. Pretoria Movers will not be liable for any damage to, or theft of, the property transported or for any loss of whatever nature.
  • 2. Damages must be identified at the time of the move, prior to our departure


  • 1. By accepting our quotation, you warrant that:
  • 1.1. The goods removed are your property or,
  • 1.2. You have the authority of the owner (in writing) in respect of the goods being moved
  • 1.3. You indemnify Pretoria Movers in respect of any damages and/or costs if these warranties are not true